27 April 2012

Fragment Friday

1.       I’m waiting to find out who will occupy the empty nest in our front yard tree.

2.       Eldest child is doing all his paperwork for college. There seems to be far more than I remember. More placement tests, too. I told him not to worry – Mom was a mediocre math student and the Army still made her an engineer.

3.       Eagerly awaiting rain – mainly so I don’t have to drag hoses and sprinklers all around the yard.

4.       Trying to not order more fiber to spin into yarn until I use up the fiber I have. A shame that attitude always vanishes under the weight of “But, but, I want some more fiber/yarn/etc.!”.

5.       Speaking of yarn, next time the dogs blow their coats I think I’ll collect the fur and spin it into yarn again to make a dog fur hat to match my dog fur mittens. And no, they don’t smell like dog when they get wet.



One Minnesota Writer said...

I can no longer read the word "occupy" and not think of the movement. May you not have militant birds in your front yard. :-) I would love to share our pouring rain this very wet Saturday morning with you!

Constance Brewer said...

I'll share your rain if you take our snow!