02 May 2012

April Poem A Day Final Musings

Day 24 – The prompts for this Two for Tuesday were to write a love poem and/or write an anti-love poem. I chose to go with love poem and wrote a two stanza compare and contrast on the way we spend our weekends. Day 25 – write about a sport – and of course I picked baseball. I wrote about the feel of getting a hit and rounding the bases to home. Day 26 prompt  was to write an animal poem. I wrote about the dogs and their reactions as I leave their world.

Day 27 – today’s prompt was to take the phrase “The Trouble Is (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of the poem, and then, write the poem.  I first wrote a poem titled “The Trouble Is You” and then wrote one about a shuttle launch titled “The Trouble Is With The Ignition Switch”. Day 28’s prompt was to write a problem poem. I wrote about a math problem, or the problem with solving math problems. Day 29 - For today’s prompt, take a favorite line or image from an earlier poem this month and re-work it into a new poem. I took a line from my very first poem back on Day 1 and wrote a long new poem about sitting on my front porch step and watching the world go by. Day 30 - write a fade away poem. I had to work the Cheshire cat into this poem, even though it’s about a relationship.

For April I managed to write 35 poems based on the prompts, and out of those 35 I probably have 7-9 that I like enough to tackle revising right away. There are a few others that will benefit from revision, or at least have a good line or two in them to rework from. I’m pleased I managed to get through the month writing a poem every day, sometimes two. Now I will revise, revisit, and rework what I have, and hopefully keep writing. So how did your April Poetry Month finish up?


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