27 July 2012

Fragment Friday

1.       The only thing saving me in this heat wave is that it gets down to 60-65 degrees at night. If it stayed at 95 or only dropped to 80, that would be it for me. Can’t handle the heat. So needless to say, living in Arizona is probably out.

2.       I noticed the birds appreciate when I water my lawn. They line up to bathe and drink – despite the presence of cats in the window, watching intently.

3.       The Great Unfinished Fantasy Novel is finally finished. Who knew typing “The End” could be so gratifying?

4.       Looking back through old poems, and throwing many of them out. Keeping the one or two good lines from each one though. So they are sort of zombie poems, coming back to life in another guise.

5.       Still not quite finished on the Mystery shawl I’m knitting. Luckily it’s not a race. I’ll be done soon, then I have to block it. Then I can go back to my first love- knitting socks. Although knitting with wool in the summer sometimes makes it feel hotter. Hats and mittens, anyone?


One Minnesota Writer said...

Okay, number 3? FANTASTIC! (Well, it is fantasy.) Congrats on those two lovely little words: the end.

Constance Brewer said...

Kathleen - thanks! I'm already three chapters deep into a new novel while I edit this one. Needless to say, poetry has taken a back seat at the moment.

Carla said...


Constance Brewer said...

Carla - thanks!