09 November 2012

Fragment Friday

1.  Still poeming along with the Poem A Day prompts. I've written at least one poem every day, sometimes two. Sometimes I struggle to get one poem out so it resembles a poem. On the other hand, December editing can whip things into shape.

2.  I noticed the cats stick closer to home now that the weather is turning. They also are more vocal about their food dishes being low on kibble. They think if they tell me long and loud enough, I'll move a little faster on the refill.

3.  Any new movies coming out you're looking forward to seeing? I have my eye on Skyfall, because I love a good Bond film. Would like to see Life of Pi but I doubt it will play in my small town. I'll wait on Wreak It Ralph until it comes to DVD. (I have a weakness for cartoons) Anything on DVD I've missed and should see?

4.  Signed up for the next Baren print exchange. The theme this go round is Animals in Motion. I have several ideas for the theme, but since the paper size is rather large - 10in x 15in - I'll have to make a final decision instead of just carving and printing two images. What animals do you think of when you hear the idea Animals in Motion? Hint - I'll probably go with African animals.

5.  Okay, so who has their Christmas shopping done already? That I'm even thinking of it before December is a good sign...


One Minnesota Writer said...

Movies! We saw Argo last night - highly recommend it. Well-paced, thought-provoking. Skyfall is on our list, too.
Animals in motion = cheetahs, of course.
I've moved to more and more online shopping for the holidays, but I love getting out to artists' boutiques, which I did yesterday and actually bought three presents. That does not, however, mean I'm done.

Constance Brewer said...

Argo won't play here so I'll have to wait for the DVD. I miss living in a bigger town just for the access to small films.
I try and online shop because once again the selection in my small town is pretty slim. Not to mention I can't take full blast Christmas music. :)

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