22 March 2013

Fragment Friday

Just off the road

1.  Scanning the radio dial for music to listen to, I always stop on a Neil Diamond song. Always. 

2.  Nyquil - the nasty, obnoxiously flavored, throat burning concoction you take so you can sleep without hacking up a lung medicine. Makes cough syrup look tame in comparison. Or maybe it's just me. Tea with honey just wasn't cutting it. Score one for the drug companies over mother nature. 

3.  Work has given me another region of Wyoming to cover. Since we're under travel restrictions I doubt I'll get to spend a lot of time taking pictures on the road like I do for my Devils Tower expeditions, but you never know. 

4.  Easter is sneaking up on me fast. What's your favorite Easter candy? Not a fan of Peeps, too squishy. I do like white chocolate bunnies with ears to bite off. Favorite Easter 'type'? Bunny, duck or chick? Other?  I like stuffed bunnies, but Max and Merlin prefer ducks that quack when you squeeze (bite) them. 

5.  I'm ready to watch The Hobbit on bluray this weekend. Now I can pause the film to get a good look at the knitwear the dwarves are wearing. What, doesn't everyone zoom in on costuming details in movies?  Debating making dwarven fingerless mittens from some New Zealand yarn I have left from my Lord of the Rings yarn buying - Stansborough grey wool from Stansborough Grey sheep...


Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

I always go right on by a Neil Diamond song. Always.
I was just buying Easter candy today - well, Easter Goldfish for my granddaughter who isn't quite 2 - and my favorites are the malted milk eggs, which is precisely why I didn't buy any of those. Heh.

Constance Brewer said...

I love malted milk balls in any form. I can do about one Cadbury egg - no, make that a half an egg, then my taste buds rebel.