08 March 2013

Fragment Friday

1. I don't hate flying, really. I just hate the sitting on the airplane doing nothing for three hours at a time crammed in a middle seat. Oh, yeah, throw in a lame second-rate movie to make my misery complete. 

2. March weather is such a tease. Lots of flakes but no real snowstorm, sunny days that could be just a tad warmer. Wind. Unexpected blizzards with heavy, wet snow that melt on a whim. Wind. Flowers that spring up only to be covered by snow. Mud. Wind. 

3.  I've become addicted to cooking shows. Once in a while I actually learn something. Do you like to invent meals or follow a recipe? Any interesting recipes to share?

4.  I'm stuck in a tea loop, drinking Darjeeling primarily. Any other tea suggestions I should try? (Yes, I know I'm two-timing the coffee god. Don't tell.)

5.  It must be spring - suddenly I feel like researching and writing novel outlines. Or really long poems. And pictogram grocery lists. What's your spring obsession?


Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

Oh, wow, those horses! :-)
So, flying - you need an e-reader and earbuds. And maybe consider being comfortable doing nothing sometimes. It's surprising how nice it can be once in a while.
Tea - Tazo Zen. One of my favorites.
I like to invent frittata recipes, but I use a lot of cookbooks. One of my favorite things to do is plan Sunday supper, because I look for recipes that will take me all afternoon. Cooking is therapy. My favorite cookbook is the Gourmet Cookbook (yellow cover - the green one is the sequel).

Gabriele C. said...

I want to pet those horses.

Heh, you could do Camp Nano in April if you feel like writing a novel.

Constance Brewer said...

Kathleen, I took the Kindle and read two books on the long flight. I read fast... but the middle seat isn't as conducive to staring out the window and meditating. I did ponder quite a while why my seatmate insisted on being on Facebook until the wheels lifted off the ground.
Cooking is therapy is right. :)

Constance Brewer said...

Gabriele - those horses stuck their heads in the truck window, wanting to be petted.
I see the adverts for Camp Nano. I need to reoutline a novel I have half done. It was seat of the pants-ed and needs more structure.