12 April 2013

Fragment Friday

Waiting for spring.

1.  I love the crazy spring weather - snowstorm with 10 inches one day, 50 degrees two days later, then snow again predicted two days after that. We really need the moisture, but wouldn't a nice, steady rain accomplish the same thing?

2. Food, glorious food. Not so much. I feel like we are in a food rut at home. Cooking and eating the same things. What are some of your favorite recipes for midweek cooking? Weekend cooking?

3.  I got a new cell phone, and now I'm playing with apps to make my life easier - or at least more interesting. What are some apps that you can't live without?

4.  Baseball season has started and the Rockies are already sucking. It's not unexpected, but at least they could pretend they want to climb out of the cellar this year. Luckily cable offers other teams to watch - least I forget what good baseball looks like. 

5.  I'm reading more books about the craft of writing, so I know my brain is gearing up to write something. I don't usually do short stories, but for some reason I find the idea of a scifi or fantasy short story appealing right now. Of course, you realize, for me 'short' is around 5000 words. Of course the Poem A Day thing makes me want to write longer, too.  Maybe an epic poem is in order?



Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

Your dog and my dog wait for spring in the same position. But a nice steady rain? Where's the excitement in that? :-) The MN Twins played ball in our silly unroofed stadium while snow fell on them this week. That was entertaining.
Favorite cell phone apps: Google's Calendar, Lookout, Local (Google), Memo, Moviefone, Retro Camera, WeatherBug. My kid's boyfriend loves Bump. Zedge has a great ring tone library.

Constance Brewer said...

It's so dry here the snow just blows away. Rain might sink in a bit...
Baseball in the snow in April. My favorite!
I'll have to check some of those apps out.