09 August 2013

Fragment Friday

Hey, how's it goin'? Tell me, I'm all ears.

1.  Did you know today is National Sneak a Zucchini On Your Neighbor's Porch Night?  I celebrated more when I had a garden and in my zeal planted six zucchini plants instead of two...

2.  My phone has been diligently warning me of doom and gloom every time there is a thunderstorm in our area. I like technology, but it's rapidly turning into the Phone that cried Wolf. It never mentioned a thing when we had a tornado warning practically over the house.

3.  I feel like summer's done and I missed it. Does anyone else feel that way?

4.  I'm ready to take my two bobbins of single strand yarn and ply them together into one two-ply yarn. This should be interesting, having never done it before and having to spin my spinning wheel backwards to do this. Wish me luck. 

5.  Finally finished another short story, ran it thorough writer's group, and I'm ready to send it out into the big, bad world. I'm not much of a short story writer (that whole need to write short thing), but maybe I'll try my hand at another one. (That whole instant gratification thing.)


Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

#1 - really? Heh.
#2 - I find the weather alerts kind of entertaining. I usually look up to confirm.
#3 - Didn't miss it, but it sure is going fast. Way too fast.
#4 - Good luck!
#5 - and good luck again!

Constance Brewer said...

My phone notified me of a flash flood warning two counties over at 3am. Luckily I have notices turned off between 10-6. I'll take my chances on getting washed away...