25 October 2013

Fragment Friday

Off on a nature walk, Max and Merlin patrol for squirrels in the park.

1.  Halloween's almost here. What's your favorite kind of chocolate? (Be specific. "All of it" isn't the answer I'm looking for.)

2.  The thrummed mittens are coming along nicely. The color isn't as intense as I wanted, but that's Kool Aid dyes for you. I could also use regular food coloring to bump the color up, but I like the challenge of Kool Aid. And they smell good, too.

3.  Spinning Shetland wool now. Any votes on what it should be? Hat, scarf? Oh, and I'm collecting Corgi fur to blend with Coopworth fleece. There will be a Corgi Fur hat in the future. To go along with my Corgi Fur mittens. And no, it doesn't smell like dog.

4.  Since the weather is cool, bread baking and pot roasting are on my agenda for the weekend. What's your upcoming plans? Raking leaves, watching football, something more exciting?

5.  It's funny to watch the Corgis during the day. They take long naps, but might leap to their feet and rush the front window, barking furiously. I look, and see nothing. Then the Corgis go to standby mode, in case I need to take trash out to the trashcan and need an escort. Hey, all that territory doesn't mark itself you know.

Wide open spaces and low hanging clouds.


Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

My favorite kind of chocolate would be dark chocolate with sea salt - Lindt. And I'm not a choco-holic, so "all of it" does not apply.
I am actually a sour-gummy-worm-aholic (Trolli, only!).

Constance Brewer said...

Chocolate with sea salt is wonderful. And I would take caramels over chocolate anyday.