03 January 2014

Fragment Friday - Deep Freeze Edition

Second scarf project on loom. Jade Gloss and Wicked Witch Imagination yarns.

1.  A new year, time to start deleting old emails off my computer. If I haven't done anything with them in the past 6 months, I'm probably not going to. So if you don't hear from me, send a new email.

2.  Amazing how much easier warping my loom was the second time around. It didn't feel like the terribly long process it was the first time. Do you find that to be true when learning new things?

3.  Went and saw The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug last weekend. It wasn't bad but having read the book recently, I ended up playing spot the changes a lot. Since a lot of changes came out of The Lord Of The Rings appendices, it wasn't too awful. I did like the female elf character, Tauriel. Wanted more Bilbo in the movie though. He wasn't nearly tricksy enough with the spiders in the movie.

4. They are predicting 38 below (or more) with the wind chill on Sunday. Think I'll stay holed up, drink coffee, and knit and weave. Maybe my yak yarn needs to transform into a hat with earflaps to keep me warm...

5.  Attempting to use Scrivener to outline my next fantasy novel. Either the learning curve is a bit steep, or I'm missing a step because I'm having a hard time transitioning from Word. I did buy a block of 3 x 5 cards in case I just want to low tech my outlining. Which is probably a better way to start. Good old pencil and paper. Anybody out there use Scrivener and have some input?

Close up of scarf. The dark green is a silk blend yarn. I'm branching out from browns and grays. Linda would be proud.


Carla said...

Happy New Year! Your loom and scarf look fabulous.

I've been avoiding the Hobbit films - I'm suspicious that stretching a single compact book over three long films is maybe not ideal (although no doubt very profitable). I think I'll stick to Tolkien's original.

Never used Scrivener or anything like it, sorry. I'm a pencil and paper sort :-)

Constance Brewer said...

Hi Carla, Happy New Year.

I read somewhere if you consider the Hobbit as a tale of Middle Earth, kinda like an ongoing tv program, that it's much more palatable. I enjoy being in Middle Earth again, any way I can get it.

I think using a 3x5 card to plot out an outline works best, then transferring it to computer to muck about with.