10 January 2014

Fragment Friday

Scarf for Scott, 72 inches long, wool and silk yarns.

1.  Houston, we have a scarf! It wasn't all that hard to do on the loom, and variegated yarns help a lot. I plan on warping the loom for another one this weekend. After checking my yarns I have plenty of primary colors. A yellow, red and blue scarf anyone? 

2.  What is it that possesses the Corgis to go roll around in the snow when it's 20 degrees out? Does your pet do anything weird by human standards?

3.  I'm finally getting the hang of my Windows 8 computer, although if they didn't have the search function right at the top I wouldn't be as happy. Some things shouldn't be so hard to do. No wonder people don't like to upgrade.

4.  I think spinning and weaving fulfill some inner need to sculpt. I did take several semesters of sculpting in college and loved it. Now why I didn't pursue it as a career?  Oh, yeah. Living...

5.  So, for NaNoWriMo I wrote stuff. Now I'm planning on tossing out a chunk of what I wrote. Lots of backstory and things that are cool to know about my characters but don't advance the story. But I don't regret my frenzy of creativity. And I did get lots of poems out of November. How would you feel about pitching something you worked a long time on? Ruthless or wanting to hang on?
Close up of Scott's Scarf


Nonne Meuse said...

One word 'BEAUTIFUL!" Of course, another word comes to mind... "TALENTED"... and of course, my perennial favorite, "JEALOUS!"

Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

Beautiful scarf!

Okay, so #2 - loaded question! Truffles loves to eat underwear (after it's been worn, of course) and she navigated to the top of the couch to get to the table behind it on New Year's Eve. Why? She wanted to - and did - snarf down an entire plate of fudge. Then, of course, it all came back up a few hours later. We never saw her do it, but figured it out when the plate seemed way to clean for my friend's son to have been the fudge nabber.

#5 - I go with ruthless. Absolutely.

Constance Brewer said...

Nonny Moose - Thanks - See it's easy. You just need a loom. Or a spinning wheel....We've started the road to corruption with the drop spindle. Go for it!

Constance Brewer said...

Truffles has my guys beat in the weird food department. Although I have no doubt they would go after underwear if they could reach in the hamper...
Ruthless is right, but it is fun to write those story bits that don't make it in. Not efficient, but fun.

Carla said...

The scarf is gorgeous!

I'm not at all sure that writing stuff that doesn't make it into the final draft is inefficient, anyway. I think imagining it and writing it helps to shape the rest of the story and the characters. So as well as being fun it may also be useful.

I rarely delete anything irrevocably; I move it into a file of 'miscellaneous stuff that didn't get used'. Sometimes it turns out to be the basis for something else.

Constance Brewer said...


I think you're right about excess writing being useful in shaping the story. I havew several versions of my novel and a big cut file for fragments. But it sure is an inefficient way to get your novel done. I need to learn to outline better.