07 March 2014

Fragment Friday

Happy as a dog in mud...

1.  Snowmageddon has passed and now the temps are up around 50 degrees. Lots of melting snow and mud. Low slung Corgis seem to collect it and bring it in the house. Then look offended when I want to towel them off. 

2.  I'm tapdancing around the calculation portion of weaving. To properly figure out how much warp yarn you need involves a formula, then another formula for the weft yarn. I've been fudging. Length and width plus some for waste and screw ups. It's be easier if I just do the formula. Are their math related tasks you avoid, just because, you know, math?

3.  The living room, hallway and entryway are painted. A butterscotchy gold for the living room and hallway, a light yellow gold for the entryway. Cream color trim. Beats the sickly pale colors that were there before. Now to tackle peeling the wallpaper in the kitchen and dining room. Then more paint, a sagey green with a touch of blue is what we're leaning toward. Any color suggestions for the bedrooms?

4. I wish I was a more logical person. Or more of a plotter than pantser when it comes to writing. I found a plot hole in my magic system for the Second Fantasy Novel. Now I have to rethink how some parts of the book happen. Even the gods in my book can't save me, because the gods have rules they have to abide by. 

5.  I've been listening to the Oldies rock station on the drive home from work. Oldies meaning 70's and 80's music. When the metal and punk rock I listened to in the 90s and 00s turns up on the Oldies station, I'll officially be well, old. 


Carla said...

I thought you were an engineer - the maths of weaving should be a breeze for you :-)
Good luck with your decorating!

Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

Oh, my gosh, that face!!
My only rule for bedroom paint is that it has to be soothing - I saved the deep orange paint for my office (Mick hates that color anyway). Soft, soothing dove gray, maybe?
Math. Ugh. I'm an estimator except for my checking account. That's to the penny.

Constance Brewer said...

Engineering school was 25 years ago. And the Army decided I was an engineer, they never asked about my grades in math first. :)
My calculations advised me to buy a lot of yarn. Always good.

Constance Brewer said...

That face is what gets Merlin out of trouble after mischief.
I was thinking a deep reddish gray, and maybe a slate blue for the other bedroom. Not sure yet, have to get the kitchen taken care of first.